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The ACROBATIC ARTS program provides easy progressions for dance teachers to follow, taking the guess work out of offering acro dance by providing step by step instructions for every level. Acrobatic Arts starts at the very beginning, we teach instructors everything they need to know about proper placement and technique so their students will have the building blocks to progress safely and quickly from one level to the next.

Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training and Certification courses provide extensive, hands-on training in spotting and progression so teachers leave feeling knowledgeable, confident and inspired to teach AcroDance. Studios who participate in Acrobatic Arts Exams with their students will have continuous support along with examiner meetings offering feedback and suggestions to improve the studio’s acro program annually.

Our MISSION, is to set the standard of excellence in education among dance instructors in order to promote technique and progression in AcroDance.

Our PREMISE is that we believe that proficient dance educators can be taught how to teach AcroDance. Great dance teachers already understand the artistic requirements and extension that dance demands, and can learn the progressions necessary to teach their students the skills fundamental to AcroDance.


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