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The Library Aesthetic has been developed to assist the building of wealth.

Where “wealth” is defined as: the freedom to follow a passion free of obstacles, be they; physical, emotional, psychological or cultural, enjoying optimal health, which allows for the devotion of as much time to that passion as is personally desired.

Because time and optimal health, are our greatest assets.

Therefore, to answer the question: what is The Library Aesthetic?

A platform to assist every dancer, so they might spend more more time, devoted to their passion, doing what they love, in optimal health.

The Library Aesthetic has been developed for passionate dancers, caring dance educators, engaged dance companies, University courses, and all those that support the dancer’s craft. It’s for those that want to be a little better today and tomorrow than they were yesterday.

Hey Dance Lovers!

Whether you’re visiting for the complimentary content, or coming for full access as a Subscriber, WELCOME! We’re thrilled you’ve found us, and we’re here to serve the dance Muse that moves us all.

This is your quick TLA Guide, so either read on, or watch the short video we’ve put together titled “TLA GUIDE”, which can be found by clicking the “Supporting Partners” heading toward the top of the Home page.

~ Each Category carousel on the Home page shows only limited content; about 30 videos. To view all the content in that category, including every episode in a series, please click, Explore All. 

~ As the name suggests, the Latest Release carousel has been set to show the most recently added content, and so they will change over time as we continue to add new content.

~ If you want to see a full Series in the order it’s been developed go to the Category carousel titled, “SERIES” which you’ll find at the top of the Home page and click, Explore All to view all the Series on TLA.

~ We’re constantly adding to TLA, bringing on new Content Providers and adding new content, so keep coming back and exploring!

~ If you find something that resonates and want to keep it as a favourite, then click the + button and it will be added to, MY LIBRARY AESTHETIC. This is your page, that only you can see, and here you can add notes about each piece of content, creating an ongoing dance diary of your favourites. Put the date you watched, your favourite quote and perhaps why you loved this piece of content.

~ We have some wonderfully supportive Major Aligning Partners: IADMS, the Royal Academy of Dance and BLOCH, plus dozens of inspiring individual health practitioners and coaches. Make sure you click on their logos to learn more about them and why safer dance practice aligns with their missions.

Each of these organisations have supplied content and/or put us in touch with reputable Content Providers. This is how we ensure we’re offering the world’s best content to meet the needs of dancers everywhere.

If you’re ever concerned about the content you’re watching, and not sure whether you’re getting the most up to date information, then head to the page of one of our Major Aligning Partners and view the content on their pages. Only content that has been verified by them will be in these galleries.

~ Finally, this platform is new. This kind of content platform, dedicated to the health of dancers, has never existed. So, if you find a broken link, content that you think may be questionable, or have feedback on how we can make the platform better, please reach out to us and let us know so we can follow up and continue to make The Library Aesthetic the very best site it can be. With your help and support, we will!

Simply contact us at:
We endeavour to reply within 72 hours.

Yes! One of our main motivations in developing the platform was to ensure that Content Providers are paid for their work. Doing so will better ensure they have the funds to reinvest in developing even better content, which will benefit you and our dance industry, now and for generations to come.

You can cancel your Subscription at any time by clicking, cancel my subscription.

You’ll continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of the next payment cycle.

Until we’re able to build Stage Two of The Library Aesthetic, the default currency is based in USD. In time, we’ll make it directly available in your home currency, but until then, please bare with us.

Please note, that the monthly Subscription price is set at USD5.99. Therefore, due to currency fluctuations the monthly price on your billing statement may be slightly higher or lower depending on how your local currency varies against USD.

We’ve made The Library Aesthetic as affordable as possible; only the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month, or about $1.40 a week!

In setting the price, as much as possible, we wanted the $ not to be a limiting factor to knowledge, so that we might encourage as many people as possible to become more engaged with dance health, regardless of where they might be in the world.

We therefore kindly ask that you to support The Library Aesthetic mission so it can continue to flourish, by not sharing your User details with anyone, and instead encourage them to Subscribe. 

To discourage the sharing of User information, only one user can be logged in at any one time and access the Subscription content on the site.

Therefore, while you can choose to share your User details, it’ll simply mean you may be logged out if someone you’ve shared them with wants to view content simultaneously.

Thanks for your understanding!

with ❤️

Team TLA.   

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