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FUMI SOMEHARA (she/her) APD. ASD. CEDC. is a fully accredited sports dietitian specialising in dancers’ nutritional care, eating disorders recovery, and RED-S treatment.

Fumi’s dance journey started when she attended her first ballet class at the age of five; it was the one constant factor in her life as her family moved between Japan and Australia, and she was captured by the beauty of creative expression and artistry. Throughout her years of training, Fumi also, unfortunately, witnessed and experienced the poor body image and disordered eating practices that were prevalent in the industry, leading to dancers’ poor physical, mental, and emotional health. This is why she’s doing the work – to help and support dancers to achieve their best through nourishment, self-compassion, and self-respect.

Outside of individual client work, Fumi shares her passion and knowledge with others near and far, including national conferences (RAD Australia, DA, ANZAED) and international conferences (IADMS, ICED), as well as writing for organisations such as DanceAustralia and OneDanceUK.


Accreditation and licenses:

B.Sc (Nutrition)(Hons) / B.AppSc (ExSpSc)

Accredited Practising Dietitian 

Accredited Sports Dietitian

Credentialed Eating Disorders Clinican

DDD Centre for Recovery

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