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Georgina Barr

GEORGINA BARR started her podiatry career in response to the Christchurch earthquakes after working in the arts sector. Georgina works part time at Merivale Podiatry in Christchurch. She is an Associate Member of the New Zealand Rheumatology Association and has presented arthritis-focused original research at international podiatry conferences and has presented to local Arthritis New Zealand discussion groups.

She also runs her own business, Barrina Ltd, where she provides Pre Pointe Assessments, a custom pointe shoe fitting service, and All Styles Dance Biomechanical Mentoring. She also lectures on anatomy and biomechanical physiology and presents original dance medicine research at local, national and international dance and medical conferences. Georgina is an affiliated committee member of the Christchurch Ballet Society, a Friend of the Royal Academy of Dance, a member of both IADMS and ASPAH, and she has training in the Juon Pointe Shoe Fitting System.

She is the first person ever to receive the Juon Pointe Gold Standard award.Barrina Ltd (Facebook)
barrinaltd (Instagram)

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