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JANINE CAPELLO, BFA, MA, SFHEA, former Senior Lecturer in Dance, Faculty of Performing Arts, The University of Wolverhampton (UK) hails from Pennsylvania, USA and was the Acting Chair of Dance and Director of Dance Programs at Eastern University, St. Davids, Pa. (USA). Janine received her B.F.A. in Modern Dance Performance from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia (USA) in 1986, after which she joined the Scholarship Trainee Program at the Martha Graham School, New York (USA) and danced with Graham II and The Pearl Lang Dance Company.

In the fall of 1990, Janine was one of two Americans accepted to study at The Royal Academy of Dance, London (UK), where she earned her Elementary Executant Certification and her Pre-Elementary Teaching Certification.

Janine founded The Professional School (TPS) in Turnersville, NJ (USA) in 1991, and directed the school through 2002.

Janine’s research focuses on aging and range of motion, on dancers as athletes, and early training protocols aimed at producing excellence whilst promoting career longevity. Janine’s global lectures help dancers of all ages, and teachers of dance, understand current research on nutrition linked to loss of ROM via the cellular processes that may impair ROM and increase inflammation.


Janine has been a guest speaker at Elmhurst Dance School (Birmingham, UK) and The Royal Ballet School (London, UK), and has taught dance science courses for the Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance (ISTD), UK. She has earned the SFHEA, a British qualification of Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, which validates her work across global arts sectors as a leader in UK Higher Education.

Janine is also a guest lecturer at her alma mater, The University of The Arts, Pa., USA. and has recently published two book chapters in the Dance Medicine and Science Guide: From the Brazil-United Kingdom DMS Network. The chapters are respectively, Supplemental Conditioning for Dancers (Bittar, Wyon, Bryant), and Related Topics: Somatics and Pilates in Dance (Bittar, Haas, Bryant, Pizarro, Daronch, Wood).

Janine is an active member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, a member of their Peer Review Board, Poster Judging Committee and Dance Educators’ Committee.

Janine is an international speaker and has presented her research in the USA, UK, Brazil, Switzerland, Finland and Canada. In addition to her research on aging, Janine blends this with her work as a Certified Obesity Prevention Educator (Villanova University College of Nursing), and works to help others better understand the connection between healthy aging and nutrition.

email: j9bryant3@gmail.com

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