Lisa Howell

Founder of, The Ballet Blog

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LISA HOWELL is a physiotherapist dedicated to the care and education of dancers and dance educators.

She started Perfect Form Physiotherapy in 2005 with the mission to create the highest quality physical therapy care in a nurturing environment. Her focus has always on education to prevent injury and maximise performance rather than waiting for injury to occur. This led to the development of numerous resources and workshops focused on empowering dancers to heal themselves. While the physical clinic was closed in 2019, she continues to work with other therapists and Dance teachers to help improve the standard of car of dancers around the world.

Lisa created The Ballet Blog in 2008. This website is an amazing resource for any dancer and is dedicated to helping dancers all over the world fulfil their potential by enhancing their technique and preventing injury. The site has all kinds of free information including videos, articles and quick tips to help dancers perform at their peak potential.

In 2012 Lisa teamed up with Vicki Attard to create the My Beginner Pointe program, to bridge the gap between pre-pointe preparation and the exquisite detail needed for a successful career en pointe.


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