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MARIAH-JANE THIES is a registered RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) teacher, mentor and supervisor since 1997 with a dance teacher degree, certification in Evans Laban Modern technique, licensed Brain Gym consultant and Rhythmic Movement Training consultant.  She is a seasoned presenter and speaker at numerous conferences including IADMS, NDEO, RAD Centennial Conference, Body-Mind Centering North American Conference, Educational Kinesiology International Conference, Breatkthroughs International Conference, Healthy Dancer Canada Conference, International Somatics Conference, Dance Science and Somatics Conference, CANASK International Conference and World Congress of Dance.  

Mariah-Jane ran her own studio for 10 years before deciding to focus on acquiring additional training. 

Mariah-Jane has a private Facebook group for dance teachers (which you are encouraged to request to join), currently with 2.8 K members, entitled The Radiant Dance Teacher.  Mariah-Jane also has a Youtube channel, The Radiant Dance Teacher, filled with teaching tips for dancers and teachers. She also has written several online courses for dance teachers focusing on Creating Effective Imagery, Language for Embodiment, Recital Readiness Secrets, and a comprehensive pre-pointe programme: To the Pointe: Beyond Exercises, which has a student, teacher and studio programme option.

The pillars of her philosophy that under pin all that she does, is that dancers need to be Integrated, Embodied and Expressive and in that order.  For a dancer to be Expressive, she must be Embodied.  For a dancer to be Embodied, she must be Integrated.  While the work she brings from her training in Laban and the Developmental Movement Patterns is not new to the dance world, the concept of Brain Integration and Reflex Integration which is supported by attending to the learning state is paradigm shifting for the dance community, and is what Mariah-Jane refers to as the “Missing Link in Dance Training.”

Mariah-Jane is also a competitive speaker and evaluator with Toastmasters International and a published best selling author, contributing to the Woman of Worth, “Power of Collaboration” book.  

In November 2021, she fulfilled the lofty goal of presenting a TEDx Talk when she shared her presentation, “Your Movement Habits Create your Life.”

Mariah-Jane loves to travel to guest teach and to enjoy the many cultures around the world.  She is an animal lover and has been a foster mama to many cats and dogs.  Her plan is to continue to create courses for students and teachers, travel, guest teach and meet as many students and teachers as possible who are interested in her offerings to the dance community.  And along the way, see the world and cuddle many cats.

YouTube: The Radiant Dance Teacher

FB: The Radiant Dancer

FB: The Radiant Dance Teacher

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