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DR. STEPHANIE POTRECK, MD, DD, RNutr (Sport), had her first ballet training in the Vaganova style, then later RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) until she fell in love with Musical Theatre as a teenager. 

During her diploma degree course in Musical Theatre (The Urdang, London, UK), she fractured a vertebra. Back then, healthcare for dancers wasn’t what it is today and she decided to quit dance altogether. 

She then studied medicine and dentistry in Germany (WWU, Muenster) thinking that oral and maxillofacial surgery would get her as far away from dance as possible (the pain of not being able to dance was too strong) only to realise that the culture in surgery can be quite similar to relentless environments in dance.

Not keen on a repetition, she then spent a couple of years in global health and human genetics, more nurturing and fostering work environments, allowing her to understand the human body from its smallest unit to the grand scheme of things, and how everything is connected. 

However, over the years, she did miss dance a lot, took a sabbatical and found herself back in Sydney, Australia, dancing all day long.


That’s where she made some of the most important connections of her life, ultimately setting up her clinic AusDancersOverseas, in order to help dance students make a smoother transition when studying overseas.

Constantly being confronted with huge problems in the dancers’ nutrition, and not knowing enough about nutrition as a doctor, she first successfully completed advanced training for doctors in Nutrition (Germany), and then studied Sports Nutrition on top (Edinburgh, UK and Barcelona, Spain). 

Stephanie is still eager to be a part of the scientific world, has published research together with Dr. Nicky Keay that shines a light on the high prevalence of under-fueling in the dance world, and regularly gets to mark Bachelor and Master theses for UCL (University College London, UK). 

She has written book chapters about eating disorders in dance and the health and wellbeing of female dancers. 

On her Instagram account, she runs a, “No-Nonsene Conversation” series where she and her guests openly discuss issues of the dance world and love to bust myths. 

Stephanie is very excited to contribute to the library aesthetic Dance Media, hoping to support younger generations of dancers to grow up knowing they can be a healthy and happy dancer and be successful at the same time. 


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