Rachel Dougherty

Sat Siri - Mind & Wellness

Rachel Dougherty aka Sat Siri is a trailblazing, next generation, Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer.

Rachel lived out her childhood dream and danced with The Australian Ballet for 10 years. Throughout those years with the company she was always interested in Yoga and finding techniques to relieve stress and anxiety.
Nowadays, she is known as an expert in the field of Yoga and Meditation, and grounding these ancient practices of yoga and helping students use them in practical ways to gain more peace, relieve anxiety and improve the quality of their lives has become her life’s work. 
Now holding the role as Lead Teacher Training globally for Kundalini Yoga Teachers, she travels the world teaching Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness practices, and Meditation in places like Bali, Maui, Mexico, New York and India. 
She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for 30 years and teaching Kundalini Yoga for 21 years. She practiced Iyengar Yoga, Vipassna Meditation, and many other modalities before finding Kundalini Yoga.
Rachel is also now an Embodiment Coach, helping people, primarily women, come back home to themselves after painful and traumatic experiences.

Videos from Sat Siri - coming soon!

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