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SARAH BURTON is the owner of STUDIO B PILATES+BARRE in Tyler, Texas, where she has been teaching the work of Mr. Joseph Pilates and various other modalities for over 25 years. 

Although her student population is varied in age and goals, a substantial amount of her passion and energy goes towards working with the performance athletes in her community. She has been championing for young dancers to have access to and receive comprehensive training resources since 2000. 

Specializing in working with dancers of many ages, Sarah places a strong emphasis on cultivating quality movement principles such as control, precision, and alignment, as well as foundational strength and mobility skills during her classes. 

She aims to foster a collaborative environment of curiosity and passion, allowing her students to fall in love with the process of movement and the joy of learning. With a commitment to nurturing both the physical and emotional well-being of her students, Sarah Burton is dedicated to empowering dancers to reach their full potential. She strives to provide a well-rounded educational experience that becomes an integral part of a dancer’s career trajectory and beyond.

Sarah finds fulfilment in being a holistic support system for dancers outside of their technique classes, emphasizing anatomical understanding and functionality to enhance their current performance, career shelf life, and enable a fullness in the dancer’s future endeavors. Her dedication to preparing dancers to be strong and confident in their physical skills, allowing them to freely express themselves on stage, is at the core her work.

Sarah teaches the Dance Conditioning and Pilates classes for the pre-professional dancers as well as pre-ballet classes at Tyler Junior College. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and regularly participates in dance education clinics and classes throughout the year.  



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