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Sofia Martins, founder of the Neuroscience of Dance, is an international neuroscientist, dancer, performer, somatic psychotherapist, and mental health life coach.

She blends her diverse expertise to uplift and inform individuals worldwide about brain mechanisms in dance and therapeutic benefits of dance.

Recognized for her contributions, she was nominated for One Dance UK’s Applied Dance Science Award in 2021 and the IADMS Dance Educator award in 2022.

Sofia’s journey commenced during her masters in Brain Sciences, delving into the brain mechanisms beyond dance under the guidance of influential researchers. Her research was published in “Dance Data, Cognition, and Multimodal Communication” by Routledge.


Sofia is a certified suicide first aider with four years of experience as a mental health practitioner. Her dedication has been helping individuals, including dancers, navigate complex performance and mental health challenges.

Through her Neuroscience of Dance project and Dance Integrated Healing Method, Sofia offers neurocognitive and dance healing tools, facilitating profound transformations in dancers and dance educators globally.

While her primary focus lies within the dance community, Sofia’s impact extends to parents, healthcare professionals, and students eager to explore the intersection of neuroscience and movement. As a relentless advocate for neurodiversity, she champions inclusivity and actively supports the BML movement and the LGBTQIAP+ community.

Area of interests: psychology, neuroscience, psychoterapy, mind & wellness, mental health, cognition, learning, teaching, performance

Outside of her professional endeavors, Sofia’s boundless energy finds expression in her love for cats, coffee, piano, and poetry. 

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