A Conversation with 107-Year-Old Dancer Eileen Kramer (subtitles available)

107-year-old Australian dance and choreography legend Eileen Kramer is starring in our beautiful video “Eileen” from our album “Alter Ego”:    • David Orlowsky & David Bergmüller – E…  

Due to Covid-19 we could not meet in person at the time and the whole project took place remotely. As soon as the Australian borders opened I decided to travel to Sydney and meet her. This is our first conversation.

I had planned to interview her with a 25-part questionnaire but it quickly turned out Eileen had some questions for me as well… Camera: Richard Corfield Thank you, Sue Healey for everything ❤️ Thank you, Anca and Patrick for hosting us and your help.

❤️ Discover the album Alter Ego here: https://w.lnk.to/altLY

Eileen Kramer: https://eileen-kramer.com/

David Orlowsky: https://www.davidorlowsky.com  / davidorlowsky  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAn1...

David Bergmüller:   / davidbergmu.  . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Sb...

Sue Healey: http://www.suehealey.com/

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