Bendy Bodies podcast: no.60

Bendy Bodies podcast no.60. Released on January 26, 2023.

Dance injuries can be career ending especially for those with joint hypermobility. Competition dance or precision performance can introduce a whole new set of challenges, whether it’s dancing as part of a team, competitive cheer, or synchronized swimming. Controlling hypermobility and matching lines requires strength, specific coaching, and proprioceptive awareness that’s not always second nature to the performer.

We spoke with Monica Lorenzo, the first NBA entertainment athletic trainer who pioneered sports medicine for these performing artists. Monica has worked with many dance teams including the Rockettes, the Knicks City Dancers and the Golden State Warriors Dance Team.

Monica shares her own journey from dancer to athletic trainer and describes the differences between precision dance and other forms of dance. She explains why precision dance may be challenging for the hypermobile dancer, and shares her strategies for staying healthy over a long performance season.

Monica reveals how she prepares dancers for working on less-than-ideal surfaces, and offers advice on how dancers might prepare for a career in precision dance. Finally, she shares her secret of how she builds individual programs within a group training setting.

Full of helpful advice for artists, athletic trainers, coaches, and more, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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