Bendy Bodies podcast no.65


Bendy Bodies podcast no.65. Released April 6th, 2023.


Thriving as a professional artist with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can be challenging.  Finding a balance between pushing yourself physically and listening to your body when it needs rest is difficult when you are part of a company.  How do you push yourself to the edge of your limits, but not over them?  We asked Jenelle Manzi, a professional dancer with New York City Ballet, this very question.  enelle shares her stories of growing up dancing with EDS. She describes her journey as a young professional, figuring out how to work with a chronic illness, and talks through her early injuries and what she learned from them. Jenelle opens up about hitting a wall with her EDS, and how she took time to get her health under control and figure out what works for her. She shares how her health journey inspired her to start her company Get Golden, and goes deep into her methods for staying at an elite performance level while maintaining long-term health.

Learn more about Jenelle here.  . . . . .

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