Bendy Bodies podcast: no.72

Aired on August 17th, 2023
Joints of the upper extremity (eg: shoulders, elbows, fingers, etc) can be prone to subluxation and dislocation in those with joint hypermobility and/or joint instability. As we continue our discussions on common causes of pain throughout the body with Pradeep Chopra, MD, we focus on an often-overloaded area of the body: the upper extremities.
Dr. Chopra breaks down the shoulder joint and its inherent instability. He gives advice on how to have hard conversations about sports that push an excessive range of motion in the upper extremities, and addresses noisy joints (eg: cavitation) in the hypermobile person.
Dr. Chopra shares his experience with muscle relaxants, and why releasing tight muscles is not always helpful with joint pain. He also explains thoracic outlet syndrome and how it can mimic cervical disc issues, making it difficult to find effective treatments.  We cover complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and how this extremely painful condition may influence treatment choices.
Pain and hypermobility in the wrists and hands are covered, and Dr. Chopra shares how your writing style might be influenced by joint hypermobility. He offers hacks to increase proprioception in fine motor skills, and explains the downside to wearing a full hand brace.
With an incredible body of knowledge to share, Dr. Chopra continues to help us examine complicated issues in a methodical way.
For doctors, therapists, patients, and anyone associated with connective tissue disorders, this is another episode to add to your must-listen list.
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