Breathing Techniques and Concepts for Dancers

By DancePreHab

It goes without saying that breath is always important to talk about, after all, we breath 22,000 times a day. The emphasis on this section on breathing is going to be drawing attention to our ability to expand through our ribs, particular when we are different positions and movements. Often we correlate the experience of incorporating “breathing exercises” in the context of relaxation and/or meditation. In this section we are exploring the relationship between breath, effort, and mobility. Sure, we can always breathe laying on our backs or breathe in a relaxed and comfortable position, but what happens when we need to breathe in an awkward or compromised position? Building awareness in these somewhat “unnatural” positions can help us build an awareness of our relationship with tension. How do I breath if I’m supporting myself on my arms? How do I breathe in a rotated position? Let’s find availability and space to give ourselves opportunities and possibilities for movement.

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