Dancing as a Medicine for a Parkinson’s Patient

What would you do if you are notified by your doctor that you have a chronic disease and you are left with 5 years of living without nursing? That is what Prof. Rafi (Rafael) Eldor was told 7 years ago and he used ballroom dancing as a medicine in order overcome his difficulties. Several hundred patients followed.

Rafi Eldor is a professor of Economics and an expert in managing risk with, options and futures contracts. After studying in Tel Aviv University for the first degree eldor recieved his Master degree and Ph.D from Harvard University. When he returned to Israel he started teaching in Tel Aviv University. Between 1985 and 1988, he was a lecturer at both Colombia and Boston Universities. He was also one of the first lecturers of the interdisciplinary center in Herzeliya, as well as the head of the economics and the finance department.. At 2008, Eldor was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. In order to slow down the disease Elsdor started dancing . Eldor danced with famous dancers such as Anna Aronov and others, as well as competing in different competitions and appearing in various events. Eldor has been for the last 20 years the chairman of the investing committee of the Israel Cancer Association voluntarily.

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