S2.EP24. The one about Neurodiversity in Dance with Sofia Martins.

Hey everyone! Today Courtney and Sarah spoke with Sophia Martins from Neuroscience of Dance. We dove deep into neurodiversity and how it affects all parts of the ballet world.

Sophia is an international dance neuroscientist, dancer, performer, and dance teacher. She trained in dance therapy and somatic practices, has a double degree in Psychology and Forensic Psychology and worked as a mental health practitioner for 4 years. Through her Neuroscience of Dance project and Dance Integrated Healing Method, she provides neurocognitive and dance healing tools.

As a coach, she talks about coping with injuries, neurological recovery, improving class environments and teaching techniques, overcoming struggles (memory, equilibrium, learning difficulties), improving mental well-being, improving dance skills, and using dance for healing purposes.

Currently, she still takes part in research, conducts the Dance is Medicine Podcast and teaches cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging research methods.

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